I have been cooking since so many years now but my white sauce(bechamel sauce) was always lumpy.

Today is the day I finally made an awesome lump free white sauce. Surprisingly there is nothing to it. Okay okay that sounds smug but I will explain the trick.

  • Remember the rough measurements of ingredients. Keep them measured and handy. Mise en place dearies.
  • Start with the Roux(butter and flour). Once you are sure it is cooked, trickle in the milk. TRICKLE. Keep stirring. One hand trickles and the other stirs..Don’t stop to investigate the lumps etc keep stirring and trickling.
  • With your experienced eyes you will realize that you don’t have to worry now, the sauce has survived..then you can dump the rest of milk at once.

That’s it. Faith and stirring are the secrets.

Till the next post…

C’est votre coquette!!


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