Eggless Date cake by Shilpa

Happy holidays! As such in India, Christmas is not that festive as it is elsewhere but we are catching up. For the first time we celebrated Christmas at home. As in we had a party at home. There was Santa at office. I was very happy to shake hands with him and take chocolates from him. I was glad to watch the movie “Miracle on 34th street”. So ho-ho! christmas is here!

Coming back to the post of the day… I had read this recipe since long but was not much interested in baking a cake without eggs. Dates? I was not sure!

Suddenly our friends said we are coming. I had all the ingredients for this one and thought maybe I can give it a shot. Also.. It is shilpa and I had that confidence in her! Her carrot cake was still fresh in my mind.

 I have followed her recipe to the T but just added more sugar as my husband has a very BIG sweet tooth. It came out almost like her second photograph shown here. Except that my cake had a light brown crust and very dark brown inside. The cake tasted like a chocolate cake even without a drop of chocolate. It was not like a date cake at all…

I had 8 guests so I had to double the quantity for every ingredient. It came out fabulous. I am confident in my cake baking skills now. I can recognize the batter consistency for a cake correctly. I have a long way to go though. Now bread baking is my next goal. I have got 2 books and also shilpa’s recipes. So hopefully I should be baking a bread next year.

My inferences:

  • The cake was very soft… maybe because of the milk in it.
  • This time it was not oily like the carrot cake. Again I guess because of the milk.  


Awesome! Very Nice! Very Tasty! “Please give me the recipe”. These were the few comments from my guests. I am sure I have forgotten a few compliments but Shilpa, all the credit goes to you.

Till the next post…

C’est votre coquette!!

4 thoughts on “Eggless Date cake by Shilpa

  1. Varsha

    Which brand of oil did you use? I used filtered groundnut oil. My cake was smelly. Can you please tell me the brand of the oil you used?

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