Water Melon Drink Agua Fresca by Sailu

Hello readers! It’s been long time. Instead of excuses I guess we’ll straight away get down to business. It’s not that I didn’t try any recipes from blogosphere. It’s not that I didn’t have time to post. It just didn’t happen.

 Of all the recipes that I’ve tried since the time, this is the only one which I have always wanted to talk about. This was a hit! I got so many compliments for this one that this has remained etched in my mind.

 It was summer offcourse! Hot noon and I had a very big watermelon sitting in my fridge. We were to leave the city the next day for a week and we didn’t want to take a chance. Had to finish it. We were expecting guests so I thought this might be my chance to impress them.

 The recipe by Sailu can be found here.

Hardest part:

De-seeding the watermelon. I guess you can try the seeded watermelon and follow with straining in the end. Not sure about the result though! You might have seed particles.


“It was very nice” by my husband.

“Badhiya!!! What is this!!! (On the lines of this is wonderful)” by  our respected mamaji. Couldn’t ask for more ;-).  He helped himself for one more glass.

I would definitely recommend this for you. If it’s summer at your end then go ahead and grab that watermelon. I strictly followed the recipe. Including the 10 sec swirl in the blender. Didn’t want to take a chance!

 Hope you like it when you try it.

Till the next post…

C’est votre coquete!!


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