Methi Matar Malai by Indira

Here comes the lady who has made me go crazy about food blogs, cooking and food as such!! I’ve been reading her blog since last 1 and half year.

I’ve prepared many things from her blog. Like Spaghetti in peanut sauce(which I tried as soon as I bought my mixer. It was great!!! ), oatmeal upma, bringal ginger curry, brinjal jaggery chutney(which was a hit at my in-laws place recently), Methi chutney, radish curry and many more…

Today..I’m going to blog about Methi Matar Malai which she has posted recently. I had all the ingredients in my refrigerator. I had taken the pain to segregate methi leaves in the morning and I was all set in the evening to cook it.

I took all the masala paste ingredients in the blender and I put it in oil to cook. In 2mins… My gas was finished. The cylinder…I shook it but still there was no gas left in it…What to do???

The same day in the evening I had attended a cooking class about how to cook food in Microwave oven.

Here I had the chance..The same night I cooked this dish by Indira in micrwave oven.

1) Indira said to add the masala paste in oil and cook till it turns red. The paste was green with peas and green chillies(It didn’t turn red…in my case). I put the paste in oil and microwaved it for 3 mins. The mixture left oil which means it has been cooked. You can rarely see the phenomenon on gas(I never managed to cook things until they leave oil…either they end up being charred or I feel I’ve cooked enough.)

This is the only step worth mentioning which will help you in cooking the gravy.

I’ve followed Indira’s recipe for the rest of the subji. I’ve made it in batches of 3 to 4 mins. I added 1/4 cup grated paneer (in the end) as methi was a bit bitter. I had to overshadow the bitterness. I also skipped adding potatoes as I thought it’s already fattening with so much malai so had to skip the carbs.

We had them with grilled Kulchas(raw being readily available).

I’ll be posting microwave recipes soon. It’ll take 2 days atleast for the gas to arrive so till then we’ll be having microwave versions of subjis and dals. I’ll post them as my friend Vamsi metioned that many people will need them due to easy cooking.


The subji was very tasty and my husband had 2 cups which I should say is an achievement in itself. He never eats more than 1 cup unless it’s very tasty…

Till the next post…
C’est votre coquette!!


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