Tomato Dosa by Sailu

Hello everyone!! After a long hiatus I’m posting this. Not that I didn’t cook anything from food blogs…just that I was not much in a mood of writing and in my office the internet connection was pretty dysfunctional.

Anyway.. today is the day of Dosa and especially Tomato Dosa.

My husband had a bad experience in South India. He stayed there for nearly 1 year and eating so much spicy / sour and different food for such a long time had a bad effect on him. He just doesn’t prefer South Indian food. I, on the otherhand grew up on it so I miss all that. I generally prepare less spicy and less sour dishes for him. I should say that…Now, I eat even less spice than him!!

I never prepared Dosa on my own. I used to buy the batter from store and just spread it on the pan and eat them. I never prepared the batter myself. After marriage I did this just once and my husband had it without complaining. I felt maybe he didn’t like them at all.

Recently Sailu posted this Tomato Dosa’s recipe. The dosa looked so wonderfully red I was very tempted. I asked my husband is he’s willing to eat Dosa for the morning breakfast. He said OK.

This recipe is taken from Sailu’s this post.

I always go through Sailu’s site as she is a South indian who prepares north indian dishes as well. I’ve also prepared Dal Makhani from her blog itself which also turned out great!! That might be another story…


Fantastic!! This is straight from the horse’s mouth! 😉 I mean from my husband’s mouth. He loved it!! He said I’m glad that you read all those food blogs!! Wow!! I am very happy. Finally he ate something south indian and loved it as well!!

My Inferences:

  • I soaked rice and dal overnight. I wonder if soaking more makes any difference. I will find about this from my mother.
  • I still don’t know if this has turned out just the way Sailu has made them. They were beautifully red though.

I prepared this with peanut chutney and I also applied onion paste (Onion + salt + red chilli) on the inside of the dosa. My mom used to do the same and it tastes amazing.

I hope you get a chance to prepare the same sometime and you also get a chance to tickle someone’s taste buds.

Till the next post…

C’est votre coquette!!

2 thoughts on “Tomato Dosa by Sailu

  1. coquette


    Thanks for dropping by…I was too shy to tell anyone about my blog. I’ve used my blog address for the first time in Lulu’s blog for the comments.

    Hope to see you around… I like the title of your blog.


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