Slow Cooked Scrambled Eggs by LuluLovesLondon

I’m back…After 1 week I suppose.

This week and the last week I was not much in the mood of cooking as it has been pretty cold to which I’m not much used to.

Happy new year to you all!!! I had baked a cake for this new year or rather on 31st Dec to be precise. I’ll post about the cake sometime later on as today is the day of Scrambled eggs.

This one made by referring to Lulu’s post

Verdict: It was EXCELLENT and FILLING!! in my husband’s words. He liked it a lot and went for another round of toast. I’m very much happy that he liked it as he is very picky in the kind of food he eats and all the things that I cook are to appease him!

 My inferences:

  • I guess using butter has made the difference. Normally I use oil to cook eggs. I guess butter gives it a better taste.

 I’m putting it under the category Lulu and not LuluLovesLondon as Lulu has nearly 3 blogs.

Till the next post…

C’est votre coquette!!

One thought on “Slow Cooked Scrambled Eggs by LuluLovesLondon

  1. lulu

    hi there!
    just checking out your blog. brought a smile to my face when i read about you making slow cooked scrambled eggs. yes, indeed, butter makes all the difference!

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