Spinach Cheese Parathas by Saffron Hut

I made these parathas twice!!

First time: As SH said to vary spinach according to wish… I reduced the amount of paneer and increased the amount of Spinach. I should say that it made a lot of difference… I had to add water to the dough which otherwise was not needed by the original recipe. The parathas turned out GREEN(very very green) to the disgust of my husband. He gulped twice and asked me “Yeh hara hara kya hai?”. With an injured look he had it anyway…

Second time: This time I didn’t want to take any chance!! I added nearly 400gms of paneer. I added enough Spinach. The mixture didn’t need any water. I also didn’t use any dry atta to roll the parathas… The dough was perfect, soft and was not sticking to rolling pan or the board!! BUT AGAIN… This time it was my father-in-law “Yeh hara hara kya hai?”

I didn’t put any filling both the times. It was a just Spinach-cheese paratha.

My inference from these experiments:

  • Filling is NECESSARY for this paratha as spinach and paneer lose their taste when combined with atta. They taste bland. You need filling for these parathas to taste great and LOOK great!!
  • I didn’t chop Spinach both the times. I just put those leaves directly into my mixer along with paneer. Maybe that made a difference.
  • I will have to put less spinach next time so that parathas don’t turn so green.
  • I might have to add Ajwain, Dhaniya powder and Jeera Powder next time to perk it up.

I’ll make it again and again until I get those beautiful parathas made by SH. This recipe is the one which always made me go back to her blog. Such lovely photographs!! Do check her site if you didn’t till now.

Till the next post.. 

C’est votre coquette!!

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